We Are ZeigSkin
ZeigSkin develops age-defying skincare products by applying science from nature’s laboratory.

Our mission is to create all-natural and organic solutions to turn back the clock on the visible signs of aging. Our formulations stem from ancient family Hungarian and Austrian beauty secrets, paired with a decade of research on botanicals and skin anatomy & physiology.


The ZeigSkin™ methodology is simple—we design healthy products that work. As we age, our skin is exposed frequently to hostile environmental aggressors—our body’s ability to effectively repair and retain healthy skin is significantly decreased. Our solution is designing products that stimulate and support your body’s natural regeneration cycle. At ZeigSkin™, we have searched the globe for high-grade organic and wildcrafted ingredients that provide proper nutrition and interacts with the body’s chemistry to stimulate healthy collagen and elastin production. 
At ZeigSkin, we use our knowledge to develop formulas that trigger a healthy cellular regeneration cycle while protecting the skin from aggressive free radicals.
Our designer formulations are animal cruelty-free, non-gender specific, and are crafted to leave your skin looking young and vibrant, feeling healthy and appear radiant.

It all began in a small west-side apartment in NYC circa 2012.

Throughout her teens and twenties, our founder developed several skin ailments, including eczema and psoriasis and acne. Some conditions were due to the sensitive nature of a redhead’s skin and others due to lifestyle, diet, and environment. As a former sportswear model raised in Hungary, the thermal bath capital of the world, she knew the importance of having a stellar skincare routine. But, nothing prepared her for the challenges her skin faced through the daily grind in New York City—arguably the United States’ most polluted city.


Anna had built a successful career in New York City’s real estate industry. Her typical day began with her fitness routine, a six-mile run, venti red-eye, then 10-12 hours of meetings—showing clients prospect real-estate, taking clients out for dinner & drinks, and rush home to quickly go to bed only to wake up and do it all over again. She tried to keep a good balance between health and work, but she was unable to nurture her skin the correct way for over a decade. Between prescription topical creams and designer skincare products, she was unable to solve her skin-related issues. When she gazed into the mirror, she felt that her skin looked too mature for her age—at least a decade older.


In 2010, Anna changed careers and went to work for a small biotech company. She spent her time researching physiology and botanicals. The further she became submerged in her research, the more she realized that all the designer products she had used on her skin for nearly a decade were destroying her skin. Also, the prescribed topical creams created further skin problems. As she read the ingredients, one-by-one she tossed thousands of dollars worth of skincare products into the wastebasket. Every single one of the products was toxic to her and her soon-to-be newborn. She knew that any toxins her body absorbed would create exposure to the child she was carrying. So she knew that she must apply clean products to her skin, but very few options existed.


She tried several recommended eight, twelve, and twenty-one step-skin care routines that used natural and organic products for a few months. But, unfortunately, these routines were time-consuming, and she still spent thousands of dollars a month.


Anna decided she was going to create her own skincare vegan solution. Her goal was to create a product that could address most if not all of her skin-related issues. She knew that she needed to work with botanicals that supported and stimulated the body’s natural regeneration cycle. Her solution was to address the underlying problems that caused the skin issues versus attacking the symptoms. One of her focuses was to provide support to the Lipid Matrix by adding plant-based ceramides. Little did she know that she would invent a serum that would revolutionize the beauty prestige skincare industry.


In the heart of New York City in 2012, Anna exceeded her goal, and the age-defying facial serum Unum Solum was bornIn Latin Unum Solum means, Only One. We designed Unum Solum to be the only everyday serum one needs to maintain healthy and younger-looking skin.

In 2016 we began researching the benefits of LED Therapy. We discovered that paired with our proprietary formulas; one could achieve the results of ten months’ worth of LED Therapy within two weeks. Within weeks we brought on an expert in the LED space and completed our first LED lamp in 2017. ZeigSkin spent the next two years testing and designing serums that could exploit the benefits of LED Therapy even further.

In 2020, after years of R&D and continued testing they are now bringing ZeigSkin LED Therapy Lamps and Skin Care products to you.

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