We Are ZeigSkin
ZeigSkin develops age-defying skincare products by applying science from nature’s laboratory along with today’s cutting edge technology.

Our focus is to continually create all natural and organic solutions to turn back the clock on the visible signs of aging. Our formulations stem from ancient family Hungarian and Austrian beauty secrets,  paired with decades of research on botanicals and skin anatomy & physiology allowing us the know-how to craft complete solutions to aid in reversing the appearance of aging.

The ZeigSkin methodology is simple—we design healthy products that work. At ZeigSkin, we have searched the globe for high-grade organic and wildcrafted ingredients that provide proper nutrition and participates with the bodies chemistry to stimulate healthy collagen and elastin production. As we age, our skin is exposed frequently to hostile environmental aggressors; our body’s ability to effectively repair and retain healthy skin is significantly decreased.

At ZeigSkin, we use our knowledge to develop formulas that trigger a healthy cellular regeneration cycle while protecting the skin from aggressive free radicals.

Our designer formulations are non-gender specific and are crafted to leave your skin looking young and vibrant, feeling healthy and appear radiant.

How it all began

Zeig Labs was founded in 2012, in New York City by the Zeigangel’s, shortly after its founders developed the all natural Anti-Ageing Serum, Unum Solum which means’ “Only One.”
The husband and wife team, former high-fashion models, understood the importance of using an all-natural skin care product to keep the skin vibrant and healthy.

In late 2011 while Anna Zeigangel was carrying their first child, she analyzed all her high-end skincare products and was shocked to discover that all of them had toxic and poisonous ingredients. Anything harmful to her was equally dangerous to the child she was carrying. It was at that moment she set out to craft an all-natural age-defying product that works and was healthy to use.After months of research and testing, she developed an all-natural serum that out-performed all the high-end brands she was accustom to using. Furthermore; she only had to use this one product for her skincare routine.

In 2016 the couple began to research the benefits of LED Therapy and discovered that paired with their proprietary formulas the results one could receive from standard LED Therapy in ten months can be achieved within two weeks. Within weeks they brought on an expert in the LED space and developed their first LED lamp in 2017.The couple spent the next eighteen months testing and designing serums that could exploit the benefits of LED Therapy even further. By the end of 2018, they rebranded the company as ZeigSkin (Show Skin).

Presently, in 2019, after years of R&D and continued testing they are now bringing ZeigSkin LED Therapy Lamps and Skin Care products to you.

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