Botox beauty bars are starting to become all the rave for many under 35. A recent New York Times article mentioned that these beauty bars want to make injectables as easy as getting a drybar blowout. Every client interviewed for the article had multiple treatments and wanted to ramp up frequencies. The salon atmosphere is attracting twenty-year-old clients, which, as one interviewed indicated how addicting it is, “you see a wrinkle, and you’ve got to go back.”

These are medical procedures, and most beauty bars don’t even have a doctor on-site. In New York, nurses and physician’s assistants are allowed to administer fillers and Botox injections. In the US, over 500,000 people in their 20’s receive Botox treatments annually.

 In the UK where 100,000 Botox injections are administered annually, investigative journalist Ellie Flynn uncovered a surprising amount of botched job, Botox parties, fraud, and doctors who bend the rules for cash. She spoke to one woman who was left disfigured and unable to talk or drink well. In a recent article on Botox and fillers, the BBC reported that there is a risk of bleeding, infection, lumpiness, allergic reaction, prolonged swelling and bruising as well as uneven paralysis of the face. Overusing Botox can cause brow-decent. When injecting fillers, the skin stretches abnormally, and due to gravity, those areas will drop over time. “I would be hesitant to inject Botox and fillers to anyone under 35,” a spokesperson from the BAAPS said.

Getting injectables and fillers at such an early age sets the stage for disappointment the last half of your life since over time, your body builds up Botox resistance. The typical story for those between 18-25 receiving Botox is that they end up looking as if they are in their thirties.

Interesting facts about Botox.

Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is the same toxin that causes botulism — a life-threatening form of food poisoning but considered safe for cosmetics treatments in small doses.

Researchers have determined that the adverse effects of Botox may begin to appear after the tenth injection. In one twelve-year study of 45 patients, 20 had gained adverse effects like; difficulty swallowing, neck weakness, nausea, droopy eyelids.

Long-term effects
The muscles in your face will get weaker
Botox may seep into your central nervous system
It may make your skin look thinner
Veins can become more visible
Your skin may take on a wavy appearance, and the colour may change
More prolonged use increases the chance of side effects.

Botox is a treatment aimed to block nerve signals to the muscles. The thought behind this treatment is to paralyze part of your face to hinder your muscles from creating wrinkles. So, by removing the character and the ability for your face to naturally express yourself, the very things that make one unique and beautiful, Botox slows down the formation of wrinkles. There are better options.

If you are thinking about Botox, do yourself a favour and search online for Botox tragedies, horrors and botched jobs as there are many.
What does the mind see in the mirror?

Do you think the image staring back at you in the mirror is what you look like to others? If you do, you are wrong. Let me share a little-known fact about what you see when you look in the mirror. First off, the image is in reverse; secondly, your point of view is narrowed, distorting what you look like compared to how you look to others. Your brain modifies what you see before your mind registers the image. Your mind throws out specific information based on your belief, which is changed by your psychological state. If you think you have a colossal honker, your eyes and brain will single out your nose which will appear gigantic to you. If you think you look old, your mind will see you older while looking in the mirror. If there are features about yourself that you don’t like your brain will focus on those features and gloss over the better features. It’s a similar situation with a camera. A photo is a split moment captured in time. Others do not see us as we appear in a picture as our brain does not register motion in slo-mo or frame by frame. Depth of field and the various lenses record distorted views of the way you naturally look. Typically, the camera adds ten pounds, the focal length can flatten out your features, and there is barrel distortion. To be blunt, you don’t know what you look like to others.

 If you are under 40 and want to improve the appearance of your skin, do not buy into the Botox craze. If you do, you’ll be using Botox for the long-term and become prone to being one of those many labelled as Botox tragedies. Botox and fillers may make you feel good when looking in the mirror, but rest assured, to everyone else around you don’t look natural.

 There are many non-invasive skin therapies which are better solutions to defy the visible signs of ageing other than Botox. We at ZeigSkin prefer a natural solution. I use an all-natural nutritional serum which provides nutrition for the skin to encourage the body to combat ageing. One of the benefits of our solution is designed to stimulate collagen production. More recently, I have been using ZeigSkin LED Therapy on occasion with a microderm roller to address wrinkles. Combined with daily use of ZeigSkin’s Unum Solum facial serum, a clean diet, and exercise, my skin has become radiant and much younger looking. By ramping up collagen production, we slow down ageing. I am nearly a half-century old, and I receive compliments regularly on the quality of my skin. When people try to guess my age, they are a decade under 99% of the time— which is a typical story for those who use ZeigSkin solutions.