Unum Solum is Latin for “Only One’ and was formulated to be the only serum one needs to keep their skin healthy, vibrant, and looking young. Designed as an everyday use serum, Unum Solum stimulates your cellular regeneration cycle and protects the skin while nurturing. Our most advanced age-defying formulation. ZeigSkin’s Unum Solum is high in Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C, D, E, F, and beta-carotene. Unum Solum delivers a high-grade organic solution to reduce the visible signs of aging. Unum Solum supplies your skin with the advanced nutrition your skin needs to remain healthy and radiant while protecting the skin from violent aggressors.


Our reorder program for our Unum Solum ensures a new bottle will arrive every month without the need to manually reorder.

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Below are three factors to consider for having and maintaining healthy skin.


Having a healthy diet is one of the most critical factors for having healthy skin. We recommend a whole food diet as processed foods can create inflammation in the body over time. Eating antioxidant-rich-related foods can fight the effects of UV, which can damage the skin's structure and elasticity. Fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids are essential for cellular reproduction. Drinking enough water is vital to keeping the skin hydrated and facilitating the nutrients to reach your skin cells. Below is a list of some foods which are beneficial for maintaining healthy-looking skin.

Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for having healthy skin. One factor of your lifestyle which is virtually impossible to control is pollution. When developing Unum Solum, we considered the pollution factor, which acts as a protectant and deters free radicals and environmental aggressors while nurturing your skin. Exercise is another lifestyle decision that impacts the health of one's skin. Several studies have shown that individuals who devoted a few hours a week to exercise had healthier skin than those inactive, having less than an hour of exercise a week. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells while flushing out waste. Other lifestyle factors to consider for maintaining healthy skin are limiting your alcohol consumption, keeping stress levels low, getting plenty of sleep, not smoking, limiting your screen time, and laughing a lot. Studies have shown that laughing feels good and provides immune system boosters, resulting in clear eyes, brighter skin, and healthier-looking hair.

Daily Skincare Routine

Having a consistent skincare routine is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. At ZeigSkin, we set out to develop a natural product that would be the only skincare product one would need to keep their skin healthy and looking younger. We created Unum Solum, a face serum that provides nutrition, conditions your skin, protects from free radicals, and has age-defying properties. Unum Solum is the ``One That Replaces Them All.`` Applied Science From Nature's Laboratory.
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